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Types of Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents Come in Many Forms

The attorneys of Aitken Aitken Cohn know that truck accidents can come in many forms, and that the form an accident takes can have an impact on how the case is handled. Our three decades of experience means that we have handled all types of semi-truck collisions in Santa Ana and throughout California. Types of truck accidents we have handled include:

We have the ability to get results for both children and adults who have been hurt in trucking accidents. Regardless of who was the victim and what type of accident has occurred, our law firm can be trusted to fight for maximum compensation.

How the Type of Accident Impacts Our Approach to the Claim

Unfortunately, many truck accidents result in catastrophic injuries. This is due to the sheer size of a semi-truck and the comparative lack of strength offered by most other vehicles on the road.

From a purely legal perspective, one of the major factors that we need to consider is the regulated nature of the trucking industry. Truck drivers have rules to follow. They can only spend a certain amount of time on the road. They can only haul loads of a certain weight. Violations of state and federal laws are often at the heart of trucking accidents of all types.

Violations of truck industry regulations are not the only causes of accidents. Sometimes, investigation reveals that the cause was the truck itself. Perhaps there was a defective part or, more commonly, there was a part that was poorly maintained by the trucking company. We may have to go against a manufacturer or a maintenance provider, if not the trucking company itself. No matter who the opponent is, we are ready to take them on.

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Our lawyers welcome the privilege of consulting with you about your trucking accident claim. We accept cases on a contingency basis. We will advance all costs necessary to successfully prosecute your case. We are only paid for our services if we get results for you. Contact us today.

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