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Truck Accident FAQ

Questions and Answers About Truck Accident Representation

Have you or someone you care about been injured in a truck accident? Do you believe that accident was caused by an act of negligence? If so, you have probably considered enlisting a lawyer to help you seek justice. Choosing an attorney is no easy task. To help in your decision making, we have provided the following frequently asked questions.

Do You Have Experience Handling Truck Accident Claims?

We have more than three decades of experience. At Aitken Aitken Cohn in Santa Ana, we have focused our practice on catastrophic injury claims, such as those involving truck accidents. The achievements we have made over the years speak to our experience. We have been recognized for our achievements through listings in:

Do You Truly Care About the People You Represent?

Absolutely. Yes, we understand that there are law firms out there that are cold and impersonal, that simply churn out one case after the next, accepting the first settlement offer they get. No, we are not one of those firms. We are compassionate and we show it with our actions. We show it by being there for our clients when they need us. We show it by working hard to maximize compensation in truck accident claims.

Do You Have the Resources to Handle Catastrophic Injury Claims?

Can a truck accident case be won on a lawyer's skill alone? More often than not, it cannot. Medical experts can be crucial. Exhibit designers may be needed to allow easy visualization of what happened. Not only do we have access to the best, we have the financial resources to put their strength on our side. There is no need to worry about the financial risk. We accept cases on a contingency basis. We will advance all costs necessary to successfully prosecute your case. We are only paid for our services if we get results for you.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

If you are ever guaranteed results by an attorney, proceed with caution. Guarantees of results are not only unethical, they are impossible. What we can guarantee is our willingness to work hard to get the compensation you need. For proof, review our truck accident results.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

Our attorneys welcome the privilege of consulting with you about your trucking accident claim. Get a free consultation today.

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