Truck Accident Results


Paralyzed 9 Year Old Girl and Her Mother Receive a Precedent Shattering $55 Million Dollar Judgement Against the United States Government After a Five Year Ordeal

Leilani G. was left paralyzed after a tragic car accident by a federal employee. Leilani's mother, June, was driving south on Newport Boulevard on Mother's Day when an employee of the Department of the Army ran a red light and collided with June's Chevrolet Suburban.

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Wrongful Death Of Prominent Physician Resulting In Multi-Million Dollar Settlement

Dr. Doe was involved in a head on automobile collision with an employee of Roe Corporation while in the course and scope of employment.

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Three Million Dollar Settlement Above Policy Limits In Bicycle vs. Auto Accident

A thirteen year-old boy was riding his bicycle down a street when the defendant's vehicle entered the bike lane striking plaintiff.

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J. v. Doe Insurance Company

Confidential settlement of bad faith first party litigation stemming from vehicular collision.

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Paralyzed Military Veteran's Auto/Med Mal Case Resolved During Jury Selection

Plaintiff was seriously injured in a vehicle accident then rendered a quadriplegic due to substandard medical care.

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Legal Whodunit Solved In Quadriplegic's Favor In Santa Ana Eight Year Battle

Award to quadriplegic who had lost memory and who was injured in his own car.


Drunk Driver Hits Parked Car

Settlement Obtained Against Drunk Driver Who Plowed Into Plaintiff's Parked Vehicle, Propelling Him In Excess of 20 Feet.

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Left Turning Truck Causes Collision on US-101

Defendant attempted to make a left turn across the US Highway 101 while towing a large piece of farming equipment causing an auto-accident.

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Erratic Driver Kills Young Father Blaming Seizure For the Crash

Defendant driver was observed by witnesses driving erratically, passing cars, and changing lanes at a high rate of speed. She ultimately struck the deceased's vehicle from the rear as she tried to pass him.

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Suit Settled for $4,127,096.19 In Trucking Death Of Optometrist In Anaheim Hills

Defendant under the influence of amphetamines and methamphetamine, was driving an overloaded dump truck with defective brakes causing a fatal accident.


Reckless Drunk Driver and Road Construction Leads To Death of a 20 year-old

Death of a young adult on behalf of her parents (largest verdict of its kind in history of California at that time)

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Plaintiffs Collect $3,400,000 Settlement For Disputed Automobile V. Pedestrian Incident

Plaintiff suffers severe injuries after being hit by a van while walking across a marked crosswalk illuminated by flashing lights.

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Fatal Crosswalk Mishap Involving 72 Year Old Leads To Record $3.1 Million Settlement

Settlement of matter involving death of retired 72 year old husband and grandfather who was struck by a commercial vehicle when crossing a sidewalk.

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Dump Truck Loses Control at Job Site Killing Young Geologist

As defendant attempted to exit the exit ramp, he lost his momentum at the crest of the ramp, was unable to effectively brake, causing the truck to back down the ramp and roll-over plaintiff causing fatal injuries.

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Wife & Mother Lost In Drunk Driving Collision

Wrongful death of mother and wife. Mother was driving alone when she was collided head on by defendant vehicle. Click Here for more information.

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Truck v. Truck Collision Due To Slippery Trench Plates

Plaintiff was driving in the rain up Pacific Coast Highway near Laguna Beach. Defendant was driving employers van down Pacific Coast highway, crossed the center line and collided with Plaintiff head on.

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Insurance Co. Flip-Flops As To Whether Their Client Was At Fault In An Accident

A bad faith underinsured motorist claim settlement reached against State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company.

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Wrongful Death Of Talented Young Toy Designer

Wrongful death of daughter in trucking accident. The Aitken Law Offices believes that this matter is one of the largest, if not the largest, settlements of an adult child wrongful death case.

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Playing With Fire

A young boy was rendered a paraplegic while a riding in a friends car. The insurance covering that vehicle refused to disclose the policy limits despite evidence that the boy's injuries far exceeded the limits of the policy.

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81 Year-Old Pedestrian Struck By Automobile Leads To Record Settlement

An elderly lady was hit by a car trying to make a right turn when she stepped off of curb to cross the street.

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San Clemente Crosswalk Accident Affects The Lives Of 3 Children

Three children were using a cross walk at 8:25 p.m. when they were struck by a pickup.

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Traumatic Brain Injury in Motorcycle v. Auto Collision Leads to One of Largest Results in Colorado History for a PI Lawsuit

Defendant's vehicle crossed into plaintiffs' lane of traffic overturning plaintiffs' motorcycle and throwing plaintiff off the back and onto her head on the pavement.

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Commuter Killed In Multi-Truck Mishap

Wrongful death of a father and a husband in a freeway collision after father's auto collided with rear end of an eighteen wheeler.

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Tragic Bus/Automobile Collision Following Six Month Marriage

Wrongful Death of husband (married to wife six months) in an automobile and bus vs. bicycle accident.

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Newspaper Delivery Person Causes Death Of Motorcyclist

The defendant turned directly in front of the John M. causing an accident resulting in John M's death.

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Car Rear-Ends Pedicab During Parade

The plaintiffs while riding in a pedicab were struck by the defendant who was leaving a parade.

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Despite Clear Liability, A Driver's Insurance Co. Acts In Bad Faith And Pays For It

Settlement of insurance fraud matter surrounding an auto vs. pedestrian accident in Newport Beach, California.

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UPS Driver Collects Over Seven Figure Settlement in Auto v. Tractor Trailer Incident?

Plaintiff suffers severe injuries when his UPS tractor trailer was struck by Defendant. Plaintiff contends Defendant ran a red light.

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Johnson v. Nationwide Insurance Company

An underinsured motorist bad faith claim. ($1 million punitive damages awarded by the jury on behalf of the insured.)


Drunk Driver Slams Into Taxi, Killing Driver And Injuring Pedestrian

A drunk driver ran into a taxi cab pulled off to the side of the road. The plaintiff was standing beside the taxi cab and was severely injured.

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Real Estate Broker Collects Over $1Million For Knee Injury In Auto Accident

A real estate broker suffered chronic knee pain as a result of a car accident.

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Truck Slams into Rear End of Plaintiffs Vehicle on 1-15 Freeway

Plaintiffs John L, his wife Lucy L and brother-in-law Doug D were in John L's Mercedes Benz CLK 320 traveling westbound on the I-15 freeway.

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Freeway Trucking Mishap Severely Injures Post-Grad Student

The plaintiff was involved in a multi-car collision, which resulted in him having several corrective surgeries.


Tow Truck Backs Up Over Man

Plaintiff was performing maintenance on service station equipment when the Defendant backed his tow truck into the Plaintiff.


State Farm Employee Collects On UIM Claim

Mr. Gilbert G. was stuck in the aforementioned intersection defendant, this Audrey W. She stated that she was talking to her brother as she entered the intersection and thought the light was green


Employee Electrocuted At Construction Site Due To Employer's Negligence

During the grading process the Scraper truck became entangled in some debris. Unbeknownst to the Decedent the debris was actually the temporary electrical power wires installed for the construction site.


College Student Suffers Skull Fracture In Auto Collision

Defendant made an illegal U-turn trying to reach a parking spot. The vehicle was struck broadside on the passenger side by a vehicle traveling in the other direction.


20 Year Old Killed In Police Pursuit

Upon reaching an intersection the Decedent collided with a police officer responding to a call for assistance. Although she was driving at a safe speed and wearing her seatbelt, the young woman died on the scene due to her head injuries.


Injured Doctor Collects Against HIs Own Insurance Through His UIM Coverage

Plaintiff slowed down for traffic jam on the 22 freeway when he was rear-ended by a driver who did not slow down.


Vehicle With Two Children Crashes When Brakes Go Out

After installing the rebuilt brakes and testing them, the father took his son and daughter out for a test run. During a down hill portion of the test run the brakes went out.


Accident Involving Two Semi Trucks

Defendant made a U-Turn in his tractor trailer from the side of the road in front of the Plaintiff in his tractor trailer


Tractor Trailer Causes Fatal Car Accident

Tractor trailer makes U-turn at night on MacArthur Blvd. Two cars crashed into the trailer resulting in the death of two individuals.


Happy Hour Truck Driver Versus Pedestrian

Plaintiff, Diane P., was Plaintiffs brought a lawsuit for personal injury damages, negligent infliction of emotional distress and loss of consortium.


Motorist Driving On Wrong Side Of Road Hits Motorcyclist

Plaintiff while cycling up Mount Baldy briefly stops on the right hand edge of the road and was struck by a driver


Passenger Collects $625,000 for Injuries Resulting from Street Racing Accident

Plaintiff suffers multiple severe injuries including traumatic brain injury as the result of a street racing accident.


Sheet Metal From Mobile Home Causes Rollover Accident On Freeway

Plaintiffs were driving on the Interstate 5 when a piece of sheet metal came off a mobile home and hit their windshield. Plaintiffs' car went out of control, crashed and at the very least rolled on its side.


Electrical Contractor Struck By Catering Truck

The defendant was driving a borrowed catering truck when he hit the plaintiff who was a pedestrian at the time.


Grandmother Hit Broadside Reaches Resolution

A grandson accompanied by his grandmother was struck broadside by a commercial pickup truck by an employee of the concrete company. The employee was acting under the course and scope of his employment


Plaintiffs Collect $500,000 Settlement For Automobile Accident

Plaintiffs were driving to a restaurant when the Defendant struck their vehicle head on, resulting in serious injuries. Defendant was found to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident according to the Plaintiffs.


Dial-A-Ride Driver Improperly Secures Plaintiff's Wheelchair Resulting in Fatal Head Injury

Plaintiff's contended that as a common carrier, defendant public transportation company had the utmost duty to provide for the safety of its passengers


Negligent Free Passengers Injured In T-Bone Collision In The Desert

Plaintiffs were passengers in a vehicle that was struck attempting to make a left hand turn.


Mother Killed When Her Jeep Hit A Signal Box

A car accident occurred in the City of Orange where the mother and daughter were hit while riding in their jeep Cherokee. The Jeep then hit a signal box resulting in the death of the mother.


UIM Policy Helps Plaintiff Get Full Recovery After Auto Accident

The auto accident occurred on September 17, 1988 at approximately 7:30 a.m. wherein underinsured defendant, James B. failed to yield to Plaintiff''s approaching vehicle thereby colliding with Plaintiff.


Armored Vehicle Runs Red Light and Smashes Into Plaintiff

Defendant, while driving an armored vehicle, ran a red light causing an auto accident. Plaintiff sustained liver, knee, and ankle injuries.


Erratic Driver Rams Rear of Plaintiff's Vehicle

Rear end collision results in severe crash and engine fire.


Plaintiff Sustains Severe Injuries after Defendant Runs Red Light

On September 8, 2005, plaintiff Daniel T (age 38 at the time) was traveling northbound on Avenida De Las Fundadores in his 1991 Toyota pickup in the City of Rancho Santa Margarita.


Negligent Driver Strikes Mother and Two Year Old Son Crossing Street

Defendant stated that sunlight had blocked her vision, and that she did not realize she had struck someone until she heard plaintiff's scream and felt the collision.


Driver Speeds Through Red Light Killing Elderly Man From Kansas

A fatal auto accident occurred at the intersection of Redhill Avenue and Skypark North. The accident stemmed from the Defendant running a red light.


Plaintiffs Collect From Culpable Driver And UIM Policy For Rear-End Collision

The defendant had an automobile liability policy with a limit of $100,000. After collecting that sum, plaintiffs then collected $150,000 from their own under insured motorist policy.


Man Escapes First Accident Only To Be Killed Moments Later

Decedent lost control of his car and has a minor collision with the concrete wall on the I-15/I-91 transition. Decedent got out to check the damage, when the Defendant lost control of his truck in the same way. defendant's truck hit and killed the Decedent.


Driver Struck By Left Turning Vehicle

Young driver hit by older man making a left hand turn while running a red light.


Plaintiff Collects Over Policy Limits For Rear End Automobile Incident

Plaintiff was stopped at an intersection when she was rear-ended by a car. The impact was so great that both cars were totaled.


Plaintiff Vehicle Struck Twice By Trucks

The plaintiff was stopped at a corner preparing to make a left hand turn when the defendant rear ended her. As a result of the impact the plaintiff was pushed into the intersection and struck by another vehicle.


Retired Farmer Struck On His Way To Church

An elderly couple was on their way to church when a motor vehicle accident occurred next to them. One of the vehicles jumped the curb and pinned Mr. Paul H. under it.


Fatal Late Night Accident Caused By Speeding, Inattention, Alcohol

Plaintiff passenger and driver are struck while making a left hand turn during a green light. Defendant sped through a red light causing the accident.


Plaintiff Injured When Pinned By Car At John Wayne Airport

Plaintiff was pinned from behind by the defendant's vehicle, which crushed his knees.


Driving Miscommunication Leads To Motorcycle Vs. Auto Collision

Plaintiff was riding his motorcycle when the defendant made a left hand turn in front of him resulting in an accident and significant injuries to the plaintiff.


Read End Accident Leads To Multiple Shoulder Injuries

Victim slowed for traffic stopped immediately ahead of her. Her vehicle was struck from behind by a white 1994 Isuzu Rodeo

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