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Driver Fatigue - Orange County Truck Accident Attorneys

With more than three decades of experience focused on helping victims of truck accidents and other catastrophic injury victims, the attorneys of Aitken Aitken Cohn are well aware of the common causes of these accidents.

When we begin investigating a truck accident claim in Santa Ana or elsewhere in California, one of the first things we look at is the number of hours the driver had spent on the road prior to the collision. We will start by reviewing the driver's log book, where hours are recorded.

Our experience means we are well aware of the fact that the numbers in these books are frequently inaccurate. We know that many drivers keep two sets of books. One book makes it look like the driver was following the rules in terms of number of hours on the road. This is the book they show to police, and to us. The other book shows the number of hours they really drove. This is the one they show to their employer to make certain they are paid properly. This is the one we will work hard to get.

Who is Responsible for Accidents Caused by Truck Driver Fatigue?

If the driver was too tired to be behind the wheel of a truck, then the driver should be held responsible for the accident, right? Yes, but the driver is not the only party that should be held responsible. Our lawyers may also take action against the truck company that employs that driver.

We know that truck companies put a great deal of pressure on drivers to make certain that loads are delivered on time. They push and they push, but then they don't want to be held accountable when they push so hard that the driver causes an accident while trying to do the job in the time frame required. We will work hard to see that they are held responsible.

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Our attorneys welcome the privilege of consulting with you about your truck accident claim. We accept cases on a contingency basis. We will advance all costs necessary to successfully prosecute your case. We are only paid for our services if we get results for you. Contact our team today.

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