Causes of Truck Accidents

Forms of Negligence That Lead to Truck Accidents

In too many cases in Santa Ana and throughout California, truck accidents are the result of an individual or a business acting negligently. In too many cases, the accident could have been prevented if rules had been followed and the proper precautions had been taken by the negligent party. The experienced lawyers of Aitken Aitken Cohn are here to see that negligent parties are held accountable. With more than three decades of experience on our side, semi-truck crash victims can count on us to stand up for their rights.

Accidents Caused by Negligent Truck Drivers

When our lawyers review a case for the cause of a truck accident, we frequently find clear evidence of negligence on the part of the driver. That negligence could involve speeding, driver fatigue or substance abuse, as well as a variety of other issues.

These cases often become complex because we will take action against the driver's employer. After all, trucking companies are required to make certain that the drivers they hire will perform safely on the road, and if they fail to do so, they should be held accountable. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the trucking company to say that the driver is an independent contractor, not an employee. That argument doesn't work with us.

Accidents Caused by Negligence Trucking Companies

In addition to negligent hiring practices, there are many other ways in which a truck company's negligence can lead to an accident. Some of the ways may not involve the driver of the vehicle at all. Accidents may be caused by poor maintenance of the truck, including failure to check brakes or replace tires at the appropriate time. They can also be caused by the way that the truck is loaded. An overweight or improperly loaded trailer can cause serious accidents. We hold trucking companies accountable for all forms of negligence.

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